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You can be sure there is something always going on at our home at Belle Vernon Farm. 


Whether it's working with Rosa, our donkey, working with Spirit, our beautiful Arabian, riding Bonnie Mae and Blackie or painting the round pen or the posts around the riding ring, we are always doing something.


BUT, the thing we like best is working with folks and their horses to help them develop a partnership.  We don't believe it should be a "I own you" master-slave relationship, but a working partnership built on the mutual understanding of a common goal. 


Horses are always looking for a leader and if the owner/handler does not establish that role the horse will and that can lead to serious consequences, none of which are good. 


If you watch a herd of horses you will see there is one dominant horse.  Periodically, he or she will be challenged by a lesser member of the herd for leadership.  Usually however, the challenges are among the number 2 horse and down so they can move up in the pecking order.  If the leader is of a strong enough personality, he or she will seldom be challenged unless a new horse is introduced into the herd.


We strive to teach the horse owner how to be that leader for which the horse is so desperately looking  and it really isn't that difficult.  You just need to know how to go about it so that everyone stays safe, happy and calm.


We offer clinics here at the farm, but there is no set schedule.  We also offer private sessions.


If it is a husband and wife or a parent and child, we offer a discount.


Some of the things we help folks with:


1.  Backing your horse in a straight line and collected


2. Walking your horse out with energy and in a straight line


3.  Backing your horse in a circle


4.  Learn to side pass in both directions


5.  Stop your horse without using your reins


6.  Tying the rope halter on the horse properly after allowing your horse to catch you 

     in the pasture.  Yes, we teach the horse to catch the owner.


7.  Proper bridling without clanging and banging the bit on the horses's teeth.


8.  Teaching the horse to pick you up off the round pen, mounting block, log, fence or 

          anything else you care to use to elevate your position for proper mounting.


9.  We also have an obstacle course with which we work to loosen up the horses feet. 


The way to the horses' mind is through control of his feet.


These are such basic things but are usually overlooked in the average training process and, if not addressed early on can and will cause major problems later.  


If you would like to schedule a lesson with us, please call 828-891-4372 or 828-329-0417

or email us at


We will be delighted to work with you and your horse. 


We  do not provide lesson horses since we do not give traditional riding lessons.




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