Well, here I am privileged to ride Rosie's Spanish Mustang, Smoke, while she rides Frosty.  Such a sweet horse he is.

Buster and Sheryl preparing to work with the students in the Cow Working class

Here I am enjoying working with Rosie's newest Spanish Mustang, Ringo.  Poor guy is 6 years old and has had 6 owners so we are beginning at the beginning with basics to build the horse Rosie wants.

Maureanne and her horse seem to be in a "Texas Standoff" with that sassy heifer.  My money is on Maureanne and her nice horse

Lisa and her lovely paint picking out just the right cow to work down the fence line.

I've been working with Smoke and now explaining to Rosie what I have been doing.

Dominique and her cute little Mustang picking a cow to work.  Look at that concentration.

In loving memory of my faithful companion, my traveling buddy, my bunk buddy.  Hondo, you are missed and will be in my heart forever.

Rosie and Smoke, a Spanish Mustang, are giving that heifer an attitude adjustment.

Dominique making sure that heifer knows she and her mustang mean business.  When she says move move.

Hank making sure that heifer doesn't get back with the rodear and he and his horse are doing a great job.