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Our mission is simple.  We want to help horses live a better life with their human companions by helping the human to better understand the horse. 


In order to do this there needs to be mutual understanding. 


As humans, we need to be aware of the horse's needs and how he relates to his kind and how he survives in his world in order to help him survive in ours.


We look at it like this.  We can not expect the horse to learn English so we need to learn "Horse".


Horses communicate with each other via body language so we also need to learn to communicate with the horse with body language.  It's not that difficult.  Just watch a herd of horses sometime and you will see what I mean. 


It can be as subtle as a flick of the ear or a swish of the tail or it can be accelerated to pinning the ears and a slight lift of one hind leg if the first signals did not work.


Again, as humans, we tend to be too abrupt, even with each other. 


Slow things down.  Be more like your horse.  All they really want is to be left to enjoy his pasture mates in a peaceful calm environment.


Don't we all?


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