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Hey Dottie:


            Just wanted to thank you for including our family in the McLaury clinic. It was a very special experience for my girls who came home with a little different attitude this time.  They were, of course, motivated and inspired to work harder (and smarter) on their horsemanship skills, but this time was different.  They had this kind of awareness or solemnness about them that was different than before. They actually sat me and their mother down and asked if we would consider homeschooling them again so they could devote more time working with their horses.  They said they were already outcasts at school because they weren't interested in anything the other kids were doing, especially the partying (and everything that goes with it).  Anyway, I think this clinic was a pivotal moment in time for them and I just wanted to say thank you.


Take care,


Steve Chandler



        (in a subsequent email where Steve and I talked about the girls passing up the Spring Ranch Horse  show, the following is an excerpt from that email)

       I know, they are very disappointed. They love Buster so much. It's funny, they brought an old magazine to the clinic that had Buster's picture on the cover to get him to autograph it. But then decided not to because they said, "we just don't see him like that Dad ,,,,you know like a celebrity, because celebrities don't care about you really..."  I thought that was pretty cool. 


Anyway, it's all about getting better, and we certainly need the H2 classes, but we also need to start taking some of this stuff into some competition venues. 


I guess leave us on the list. We can skip the first show. 




I would like to take a couple minutes of your time to thank you as well as Harmony with Horses for the confidence you have instilled in me with your horsemanship and ability to teach me to better communicate with my horses. I feel this provides me with a safer riding experience and a much better relationship with my horses. To be able to feel so much more confidant and secure in such a short period of time due to your expertise is phenomenal! I look forward to continuing studying with you and learning your techniques. Not only have I found someone willing to take the time to teach me, but also feel I have made 2 new and awesome friends. Hope to see you soon!

Cathyjo Davis





Dottie and Larry are more welcoming than  anyone could have imagined.

They meet you and your horses where you are.  We are only green rookies and have learned more in only one visit with Dottie than all the books we have read have supplied.  Amazingly loving to the horses and patient with their owners.  5 STARS!  


Jason and Michelle Lewis
















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